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Color My Soul®, based in San Francisco, California, is a clothing company all about color and healing. The company was founded in 2007 upon one basic premise: if we can heal ourselves, we can heal the planet. Color is a magical and powerful medium for balancing energy in the body. In many societies, it is believed that wearing certain colors can help us realign our bodies and spirits with the cosmic energy of the universe, and ultimately, allow us to lead better, healthier lives. With our planet in greater peril than it has ever been, it is crucial that we start healing ourselves. Our environment is just an extension of who we are as individuals. We at Color My Soul® hope that by wearing our organic, sweatshop-free t-shirts, you will be able to harness some amazing colorful energy to help yourself (and the world), improve your life, and inspire your soul!

**A percentage of after-tax revenue will go to help saving the beautiful animals of the planet.

Gabrielle Saveri - Founder Color My Soul®
Before starting Color My Soul®, Gabrielle had a successful career as a print journalist and television writer/producer in Asia, Europe and the United States for leading international news and media organizations. Her travels as a journalist exposed her to the plight of beautiful ecosystems and habitats worldwide. Determined to make a difference, Gabrielle sought out a career in environment and communications. She worked on television shows involving African and other exotic wildlife, then headed to Kenya to work on a cheetah conservation project, and later attended graduate school in International Environmental Policy. Over the past few years, she has worked for a number of environmental organizations, most recently becoming the Northern California Coordinator for the L.A.-based Pollution Prevention Center, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting green garment cleaning and labeling technologies nationwide.

Through her work, Gabrielle also started to recognize the enormous healing power of Mother Nature. Faced with some of her own personal challenges, she began studying intuition and healing. She soon found herself part of a nurturing healing community and for the first time in her life, was able to fully explore her own natural healing abilities. Spirit and healing is now an important part of Gabrielle’s life on every level. Color My Soul® is the culmination of her personal journey, combining her interests in healing, environment, wildlife, communication and art. Color My Soul® organic t-shirts have served as a powerful source of Gabrielle’s own personal healing, and she now hopes that they can help others who need healing too.


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Photography by:Gabe Brown, Gabrielle Saveri & LD Cresson (c)2007